VIP Concierge Psychology

Exclusive, high-quality services for the most elite members of society.

Bespoke and discrete psychological services for those whose high-profile lifestyle may prohibit from seeking out traditional psychological services.

- at your home or office and on your schedule.

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Top-tier, in-office assessments for you or you loved one.

In-office comprehensive batteries help your healthcare providers understand the way your brain is functioning, leading to appropriate diagnosis, recommendations, and a better quality of life.

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VIP Concierge Services

For political figures, top-level executives, actors, business owners, pro athletes, socialites, entrepreneurs, public figures, and elite members of society.

I purposely limit the number of clients I see each month, placing quality over quantity.

My VIP Concierge services will provide you with ease, care, and convenience, like no other. My highest priorities are you, your privacy, and anonymity.


In-office neuropsychological assessments for adults with acquired or traumatic brain injuries, ADHD, concussions, or dementias.

A neuropsychological assessment involves neuropsychological testing and a thorough examination, which can help identify issues that could be impacting job performance and social-emotional functioning.

Individualized and expert assessments for you or your loved one.

I see the human element in each person and treat every client with kindness, empathy, and respect.
Personalized expert care transforms lives.

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VIP Concierge Psychology can conveniently be set up
at your home, office, or other convenient location.

- and on your schedule.


"I listen, I care, I help"

Dr. Carolina Raeburn, Psy.D is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Florida (PY 10503) with a subspecialty in neuropsychology. Dr. Raeburn has received notable academic achievements, earning a lifetime membership into the Psi Chi Society - The National Honor Society in Psychology.

After working in a wide range of settings with individuals from all walks of life, Dr. Raeburn saw a real need to provide services to those whose lifestyle does not allow them to get traditional psychotherapy services. Such as high-level corporate executives, celebrities, pro athletes, politicians, successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and elite members of society. She noticed how negative perceptions about mental health could negatively impact high-powered individuals if they’re seen driving to or walking into a therapist’s office -public figures may end up in the tabloids; high powered individuals may be challenged. Through understanding the effect that an outsider’s scrutiny can have on a VIP’s personal or work life, she decided to develop VIP Concierge Psychology -where the doctor comes to you, in a setting that best meets your needs and on your time. Through VIP Concierge Psychology, she brings the highest level of discretion to the most elite members of society.

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