Short-Term Consultations

Sometimes therapy is not needed, and there’s no need to delve deep into psychological issues, but instead, there’s a need for a more directive and focused approach. If this is the case, consultation may be what you’re seeking.

Moreover, due to its coaching-style nature, consultations are available to a limited number of international and nationwide clients.

Short-Term Consultations

Short-Term Consultations include either 50-minute in-office or telehealth sessions.

I understand that not everyone is going to have the financial availability to be part of the VIP Concierge program. In an attempt to increase accessibility to services, I offer Short-term Consultations. Short-Term consultations are available to individuals who have less complex, time-limited concerns, which are focused and direct, and do not require psychotherapy or changing maladaptive behavior.

Please feel free to find more general information on my FAQ page.

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